Workshop Conversion – Island of Rügen

Workshop Conversion
Island of Rügen
Area 175 m²

Being used as a workshop the front end of an agricultural building is thought to be converted into general office space. Looking for a conceptual approach two crucial requirements had to be met – cost efficiency and time of construction. By structurally maintaining the existing building envelop and going for a so-called “box-in-a-box” system both demands were fully met. Hereby the roofing as well as the wall cladding of the old building are used to shield the weather and get only partially penetrated to better illuminate the inside. The actual office space is a prefabricated timber-frame construction that is simply assembled on-site. Serving as an important climate buffer the area between the old building envelop and the timber construction is energetically useful and at the same time creates functional as well as high-quality habitable space.

Client l private

Date: January 13, 2013