BMAS – Berlin

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Competition 2013
Area 4.332 m²

The forwarded design proposal for Wilhelmstrasse 50 takes its general proportions from the surrounding urban fabric. It engages with the historic neighboring building in a very settle and respectful manner. Through its volume and its contemporary interpretation of classic facade elements the proposed design strengthens and completes an important but long neglected side of public space which at the same time strengthens the function of the historic building itself. The facade is more than only casing the office slabs. It is an active interface between the inside and the outside – between the environment and the building. A system of active mechanisms can react to the different climate conditions the facade is exposed to. It can adapt to it and is like this able to actively contribute to the overall energy balance.

Client l Ministry for Regional Planning, Building and Urban Development

Date: April 19, 2013