Carolinenstift – Neustrelitz

Carolinenstift at the Harbour
Invited competition 2011
Site 17.438 m²

In the course of a general restructuring process the area should mainly be redeveloped for housing purposes. Furthermore a utilization strategy for the existing buildings is in demand. Thus closing the inner perimeter block and thereby establishing defined urban edges as well as clear access routes is the first step laying out a new urban pattern. Like that every potential resident and visitor does profit from the new quality layout of the inner block providing spacial grandeur on the one and intimate greenery on the other hand. In another aspect the proposed scenario presents an important role to the development and future function of the former Carolinenstift. The ensemble proves as a vital connection between the baroque city center and the lakeside. It bridges into the harbor area which is the driving force in the further structural and economical progression of a city that strongly depends on a thriving tourism industry.

Client I City of Neustrelitz

Date: January 26, 2013